Recycling Services

  • Toll Grinding: We can grind your material so that you can use material back in your operation.
  • Certified Destruction: Destroy product thru recycling or destroy material that has no recyclable value.
  • Material Tracking and Reporting: We track all recycling for Green Accountability.
  • Brokerage: We can help move your material Nationwide thru our network of processors and buyers.
Regrind Plastic Distribution
Regrind Plastics

Transportation Services

Our fleet can pick-up your material with any loading situation:

  • Boxed Vans
  • Spotted Van Trailers
  • Flatbed Trailers
  • Truck Trailer Forklift Unit (TTFU)


Or Drop-off material at our Utah facility.

Waste Audits

Interested in what your business is throwing away in the trash? Often many businesses throw away many tons of material, that could have easily been recycled. What businesses lack is the knowledge of what items are viable to recycle, and what items are not. Our Waste Audit program analyzes your waste stream – and provides real solutions to your recycling program. Some vendors will charge large fees for their services, and can only make recommendations on what to do with your trash. Our team will make solutions possible, without having to further your search for a solution elsewhere.


  • Begin a New Recycling Program and see all possibilities.
  • Enforce or Audit an existing recycling program to make improvements to your recycling program.

Full Service Waste Audits

Dumpsters or rolloffs are dumped in containment areas, where our waste team will manually sort your waste. Full service waste audits examine your waste stream, by digging in your waste by hand. Items are sorted into items that can easily be recycled, items that can potentially be reclaimed, and trash. Volumes and weights are gathered, and the process is repeated until an accurate average is acheived. Our team will create a report that will show you what items can be recycled, your waste output, and a recycling game plan that will provide you with a real solution to your waste. Prices vary by type of services and reporting needed.

Basic Waste Audits

Complementary services are available to businesses that have questions about recycling items in general. Feel free to contact us to look at your waste stream an offer basic calculations on how you can improve your recycling or start a recycling program. Charges may apply only for indepth audit services (as pictured above). We can give you estimations on you waste stream, and design a solution to reduce you trash hauling costs and turn your waste into a profit. We provide this service complementary anytime. Call us today to have a recycling expert visit your facility to give you an analysis.