Who We Are

Pro Polymers Inc. is a plastics recycling facility for the Pro Recycling Group (PRG™). We pay top dollar to for all of your business’ PET Plastics. Here at Pro Polymers Inc. we believe in a more sustainable future, that is why we are “Committed to Recycling.”

Plastic Recycling Specialists

Does your business produce scrap plastic?

We recycle and distribute a wide variety of materials including industrial plastics, stretch film, plastic bags, and OCC (Cardboard) baled or loose. We recycle in bulk many industrial grades of plastics.


  • Complete plastic recyclng.
  • Full plastic regrind facility.
  • Custom tractor trailer pickups.
  • Fiber recycling.
  • Plastic and fiber brokerage.
  • 30,000 sq ft. recycling facility.

PET Plastics Needed

  • Regrind
  • Preforms
  • Bottle Scrap
  • Post Industrial
  • Post Consumer
  • Baled or Loose Material
  • Clear, Blue or Green Colors

Accepted Materials

We accept in bulk many industrial grades of plastics:

Baled Plastics including; Shrink Wrap, Colored Films and many grades of films and resins specific to industry.

The material can be in several forms; Baled, Loose, Purge, Runners, Totes, Pallets, Buckets, Garbage Cans, or Film.

How Grinding Works

To recycle Rigid Plastics, the material must be shredded to make the plastic in a medium that can be reused by manufacturers and industry. The material is ground into pea sized pieces so that the material can be reused or recycled in most plastic applications. Watch the below video to see first hand how our process works.

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GreenWise Business


The mission of the Greenwise Business program is to encourage recycling efforts in the business community.

We provide businesses with the resources and support needed to improve recycling programs, and reward companies that contribute to the enviroment. We are commited to help businesses improve recycling efforts and to reduce waste.