Worldwide Distribution

Our facility is located in Salt Lake City, UT and is effectively designed to recycle and distribute recyclable materials throughout the world.

Blue Regrind - Recycled Plastic
Distributing Regrind - Recycled Plastic

Works With A Variety Of Manufactures

Pro Polymers, Inc. offers manufacturers of all types the ability to recycle their scrap/regrind plastics, baled OCC (cardboard), shrink wrap, film, plastic bags, paper products, metals, and other hard to recycle items being generated at their facilities.

Employee Recycling Plastic 01
Employee Recycling Plastic 02

50+ Years Experience

With over 50 years of combined recycling experience we are able to provide an analysis of the usability of their scrap materials. During these visits we conduct a waste audit to look for solutions to cut waste streams and generate income. We have found that there are many materials they did not know could be reclaimed. Many companies have even turned their waste stream into a profit center, rather than a cost.